"I learned how to be better scientist, hungry for knowledge and always questioning and wanting to discover more information.

BBS 2018
Gabrielle Brown from Jamaica

One of my goals on my bucket list is to travel the world. During my brief time at YYGS, I felt like I did just that, in two weeks, from the same location. I was able to learn about different cultures, and identify the similarities existing between us, while appreciating the differences that make us unique. During our break out discussions, I heard many different perspectives as the program fostered thought-evoking conversations as we tried to formulate an opinion on everything we were learning. One of my favorite forms of learning was the seminars which focused in on a particular subject area relating to Biological and Biomedical Sciences. I was able to learn more about topics I had an interest in, topics I had no prior knowledge about, and topics that directly aligned with my career path. The seminar instructors were very effective in their ability to convey the information in a way that made it feel inclusive, where we could participate and cultivate meaningful conversation.   
During my brief time, I developed a heightened sense of work ethic as the campus itself and the people within motivated me. The beauty of the campus contributed heavily to the inspiration that flowed. I relished in the comfort that I could be a part of the surrounding city but still retreat to my quiet home in the walls of Davenport whenever I felt like it. I felt a strong sense of independence as I was able to see more of what Yale had to offer inside and outside the walls of my residential college. From exploring Sterling Memorial Library affectionately known as Hogwarts, going to Donut Crazy at night with friends, having foosball and ping pong battles in the game room, listening to students passionately argue during speaker series and meeting people from the four corners of the world- these moments are some of my favorite memories from YYGS 2018.
YYGS taught me many lessons. I was able to gain a greater sense of confidence as I initiated conversations with people from all over the world. I learned a deeper sense of teamwork as I had to work cohesively in a group during our capstone project as we did research. I learnt how to be better scientist, hungry for knowledge and always questioning and wanting to discover more information. Above all, I gained insight from professors, seminar instructors, lecturers and current students as they shared a bit of themselves and the experiences that helped to shape them.
My trip to New Haven this summer was my ticket to developing new, lasting friendships, having unforgettable experiences, like family time at cross campus, and learning a little more about the college experience. I can honestly say that YYGS was one of the highlights of my year. I will never forget my experience, the things I learnt and the people I met who had such an impact on me.

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