"I truly felt as though I had become somewhat of a global citizen, having listened and indulged in so many of my new lifelong friends’ unique backgrounds and cultures."

2018 ASE
Logan from New Zealand

Hi, my name’s Logan, and I’m from New Zealand.

My first encounter with YYGS was one that was equally unexpected as it was captivating. I had never been on any type of summer program, let alone one that would take me to a university I had only dreamed of, over 12,000 km across the globe. As I now look back on the two weeks I spent at New Haven, I can definitely say that deciding to apply was probably one of the best decisions I could have ever made. From the jam-packed schedule to the inspiring lectures, it was pretty much impossible for not to fall in love with just about everything.

At YYGS, we were given the chance to explore our passions and gain insight into what our possible futures had in store for us. There were eight morning lectures spread throughout the two-week program, each of which was uniquely captivating and thought-provoking. In particular, the final lecture held by Professor Brian Scassellati, who discussed ‘Robots that teach,’ was particularly memorable for me. Listening about his research and endeavors in the development of ‘social robots,’ that could be used for purposes such as helping children with autism, was greatly inspiring for me. I remember lining up along with a couple of my friends at the end of the lecture to ask him some extra questions we had because we couldn’t contain our curiosity. The breakout sessions we held immediately after lectures were also a great experience of mine as I can still remember the wild converstation-esque debates we held that often ended spiraled into all sorts of topics.

The capstone project span across almost the entirety of the program and was probably the most challenging aspect of the program. However, I believe that it’s because these things that it was one of the most valuable and rewarding aspects of YYGS. I was a part of the 3D printing division, and alongside some of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet (shout-out to Zach who bought us all donuts :D), created a thorough research presentation on the state of 3D Bioprinting.

What I ultimately believe to have been the unquestionably single best part of YYGS has got to be the sheer diversity. We had all gathered at New Haven, from all across the globe, in an experience that I can only describe as being unimaginable. By the time the program had come to a close, I truly felt as though I had become somewhat of a global citizen, having listened and indulged in so many of my new lifelong friends’ unique backgrounds and cultures. Ghana, Canada, the Philippines … these are just a few of the multitude of countries that I feel I have formed a connection to through the bonds I share with my friends.

It’s through YYGS that I have seen myself grow immensely as a person and have truly thrown myself out into the wider world. The confidence and inspiration I gained from the program have left a life-long impression on me as continue to live on my life, now a Yale Young Global Scholar.

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