"This is the kind of experience that I will never get at my high school."

2018 BBS
Truong from the US

Yale Young Global Scholars was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many talented and intelligent people at the program while also getting exposed to different fields of study in science. At first, I thought that it was going to be just like any other summer programs that I have been to before. However, as I spend more time in the program, I realized how unique this opportunity was and most importantly - I found my new source of inspiration.

Firstly, the program not only provided me with the college life experience but it also pushed me to be more independent. Throughout the program, I had to make many decisions on my own and really had to be self-reliant. Each morning, I received an email from YYGS with the schedule of the lecture, seminar, and activities that will be going on throughout the day. Then, it was up to me to make sure that I get to each activity on time and make the best of it. There was no one there to really tell me what to do; I was on my own. During my free time, I would often go to the library at Davenport or Bass Library underground - my favorite place at Yale where they have private quiet study space - to work on my Capstone Project and Extended Essay. The program truly did give me an authentic feel of what college going to be like.

The seminars and lectures were taught by well-renowned Yale professors from many different fields of study in science. Those lectures and seminar really did push and expand my knowledge about science to a greater area. They exposed me to different aspects and interdisciplinary fields (such as music and arts) that I never know would work together with science. I learned so many new things from the application of music in helping nurses listen to organs’ sound and how to build a heart rate monitor using Arduino. Another major part of the program was the simulation that provided me with an opportunity to work collaboratively with different students to solve a health crisis. There were different groups (scientist, public health, diplomats, engineers, etc.) and I was in the health group. It was fun and engaging at the same time and I learn a lot from working together with other students and learn new skills in the process.

Aside from the academic side of the program, the people are what truly made this experience so memorable. I met so many international students (50% of the students here are international and represented 120+ countries). The diversity of the program ranging from my family group from so many parts of the world to my suitemates (who were from Canada, Russia, and the Philippines). There is so much diversity here and I love interacting and learning many new cultures from other students. I also get to open my mind about a lot of things. The students at the program are so intelligent and passionate about science. On the first day, I was feeling out of place because of my own background and where I came from. I felt as though I was not as smart as everybody else. However, as the program goes on, I felt more inclusive and a part of the community. I tried to learn new things from everyone and they soon became my new source of inspiration. Seeing all the great things that each person accomplished push me to work harder to be more successful just like them.

Overall, the program was truly an amazing experience and I would do the 2 weeks all over again if I had a chance to. This is the kind of experience that I will never get at my high school. It really did open my eyes to the world and transform me into a global scholar. I learned so many great things in science and I have more connections and friends from all over the world from Russia to China to the Philippines and to Canada. It was really hard to say goodbye but I think one day we will meet each other again, not as students but as doctors, engineers, and leaders of the world. Not just academics, but the people I met at Yale are what make YYGS such a memorable and life-changing experience. I’ll definitely make sure more students at my school know about this program and apply.

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